The Beers

ChilternChiltern Pale Ale3.7Prince of Wales
ChilternBeechwood Bitter4.3Prince of Wales
IrvingFrigate3.8Prince of Wales
IrvingAdmiral Stout4.3Prince of Wales
Red CatProwler Pale3.6Prince of Wales
Red CatMr M's Porter4.5Prince of Wales
LanghamLangham Special Draught (LSD)5.2Prince of Wales
LanghamHip Hop4.0Prince of Wales
KissingateBlack Cherry Mild4.2Prince of Wales
KissingatePowder Blue (Blueberry Porter)5.5Prince of Wales
DownlandsRoot Thirteen3.6Prince of Wales
DownlandsSession Oatmeal Stout4.2Prince of Wales
Burning SkyPlateau3.5Prince of Wales
Burning SkyAurora5.6Prince of Wales
BlackBarBlack Economy4.0Prince of Wales
FranklinsEnglish Garden3.8Prince of Wales
Long ManLong Blonde3.8Prince of Wales
MillisCuriously Dark Mild3.6Prince of Wales
WishboneBandit APA3.8Prince of Wales
EdenGold4.2Manor Arms - IN
Castle RockHarvest Pale 3.8Manor Arms - IN
HopbackCrop Circle4.2Manor Arms - IN
BeckstonesBlack Dog Freddy3.9Manor Arms - IN
OtleyAmarill - O 4.3Manor Arms - IN
PhoenixNavvy3.8Manor Arms - IN
PhoenixArizona4.1Manor Arms - IN
PhoenixSpotland Gold4.1Manor Arms - IN
Fyne AlesAvalanche4.5Manor Arms - IN
MallinsonsSimcoe3.9Manor Arms - IN
MallinsonsAntanum3.8Manor Arms - IN
MallinsonsFiretail4.3Manor Arms - IN
FallenLight Freight2.7Manor Arms - IN
FallenLocal Motive3.9Manor Arms - IN
FallenJust the Ticket4.0Manor Arms - IN
BlinghamsSpace Hoppy I.P.A.5.0Manor Arms - IN
Seven Bro7hersI.P.A.5.0Manor Arms - IN
Great OakleyWelland Valley Mild3.5Manor Arms - IN
AndwellKing John4.2Manor Arms - IN
Dow BridgeBonum Mild3.5Manor Arms - IN
YatesGolden Ale3.9Manor Arms - IN
Hop StudioVanilla Porter4.3Manor Arms - IN
OakhamScarlet Macaw4.4Manor Arms - IN
Brack N BrewBitter4.1Manor Arms - IN
Yates Green Hopped Beer4.3Manor Arms - IN
OakhamJ.H.B.3.8Manor Arms - IN
WishboneDivination 5.6Manor Arms - IN
BarngatesDry Goodhews Stout 4.3Manor Arms - OUT
RudgateBrew no20 Kafir Lime Wheat Beer3.8Manor Arms - OUT
BlinghamsTwyford Tipple3.7Manor Arms - OUT
BiggarOriana4.2Manor Arms - OUT
BrewsmithPale4.2Manor Arms - OUT
Dancing Duck224.3Manor Arms - OUT
Hop StudioRaja 3.8Manor Arms - OUT
SaltaireDecennium4.6Manor Arms - OUT
4 T'sAmercian Women4.5Manor Arms - OUT
Wye ValleyH.P.A.4.0Manor Arms - OUT
Box SteamTunnel Vision4.2Old Kings Head
Castle RockSheriff's Tipple3.4Old Kings Head
Great CorbyAmber4.0Old Kings Head
Dancing DuckDark Drake4.5Old Kings Head
KelburnPivo Estivo3.9Old Kings Head
Great HeckBlack Jesus6.6Old Kings Head
Kelham Island Easy Rider4.3Old Kings Head
OutstandingRed4.4Old Kings Head
SalopianLemon Dream4.5Old Kings Head
Totally BrewedPunch in the Face I.P.A.4.8Old Kings Head
OakhamCitra4.2Old Kings Head
OakhamBishops Farewell4.6Old Kings Head
UphamField Gold3.8Old Kings Head
SaltiareCitra Pale4.2Old Kings Head
AbbeydaleDeception4.1Old Kings Head
Bank TopBlonde5.0Black Cock
Whitby Smugger's Gold4.2Black Cock
BradfieldFarmers Pale5.0Black Cock
Redley HallowsFilly Close Blonde3.9Black Cock
Flying MonkElmers3.8Black Cock
IdleJaded Pioneer4.1Black Cock
Ran ALesHedge Hopper4.5Black Cock
Castle RockElsie Mo4.7Black Cock
Hop StudioPale4.0Black Cock
BiggarVanguard 3.8Black Cock
Fyne AlesJarl3.8Black Cock
OtleyO1 Orginal4.0Black Cock
Blue BeeTempest Stout4.8Black Cock
Tyne BankPacifica 4.0Black Cock
BarngatesCracker3.9Bear on the Square
BarngatesTaglag4.4Bear on the Square
BarngatesRed Bull Terrier4.8Bear on the Square
ConistonInfinity IPA6.0Bear on the Square
ConistonOlivers Light Ale3.4Bear on the Square
FellYOLO3.7Bear on the Square
FellTinderbox IPA6.3Bear on the Square
FellOctoberfestBear on the Square
FellNectar4.2Bear on the Square
HardknottAzimuth5.8Bear on the Square
HardknottIntergalactic Space Hopper5.2Bear on the Square
HawksheadCumbrian Five Hop5.0Bear on the Square
HawksheadITI3.5Bear on the Square
HawksheadBrodie's Prime4.9Bear on the Square
BeckstonesIron TownBear on the Square
BeckstonesRev RobBear on the Square
BeckstonesLeatBear on the Square
BeckstonesBarley BlondeBear on the Square
BeckstonesBlack Dog FreddyBear on the Square
Betteridge'sOld Chap3.8Prince of Wales
TringPale Four4.6Prince of Wales
Brighton BierSouth Coast IPA5.0Prince of Wales
Brewster'sRutterkin5.0Prince of Wales
Surrey HillsGuilt Complex4.6Prince of Wales
King's CliffeP515.1Prince of Wales
Pitfield1840 London Porter5.0Prince of Wales
Nene ValleyJim's Little Brother3.8Prince of Wales
TownhouseBarney's Extra Stout (wood cask)5.0Prince of Wales
LaconsFalcon Ale4.2Prince of Wales
Cumbrian LegendaryLoweswater Gold4.3High Cross Inn
UlverstonLaughing Gravy4.0High Cross Inn
JenningsCumberland Ale4.0High Cross Inn
GreenoddKiln Bitter3.8High Cross Inn
UnsworthHigh Cross Inn
BiggarMikasa3.6High Cross Inn
Tarn HowsPuddled Duck5.2High Cross Inn
GreenoddGold4.3High Cross Inn
South LakesAmerican Pale Ale4.6High Cross Inn
HawksheadWindermere Pale3.5High Cross Inn
YatesBitter3.7Newfield Inn
CumberlandCorby Amber4.0Newfield Inn
EdenRocket (special brew for festival)5.5Newfield Inn
Tarn HowsGrized Ale3.9Newfield Inn
Tarn HowsPigling Blonde3.8Newfield Inn
Tarn HowsBeertrix Porter4.0Newfield Inn
RobinsonsTrooper Red 'N' Black5.8Newfield Inn
BeowulfKiller Stout7.3Prince of Wales